Connecting People to God and People to People

Become a part of the outreach team at First Baptist Church Grain Valley!

Our desire at First Baptist Church Grain Valley is to minister to our membership and visiting friends by demonstrating God’s love. We do this by connecting people to God and people to people. Our 3-fold desire is:

  1. Share: To share the Good News of Jesus Christ

  2. Pray: To be a church that bathes everything we do in prayer

  3. Minister: At times, we will have church members and visiting friends who need a loving touch. This might include a friendly visit, a thoughtful card, or a baked treat.

There is a place for you on one of our outreach teams!

  • Prayer team: We want to make sure that everything we do at FBC is led by the Lord. Our prayer team will ensure that we build a foundation of prayer. Prayer team members may choose to pray together at a ¬†specific time or choose to pray individually as the Lord leads.

  • Outreach team: We want to “Go and make disciples” as Jesus commanded (Matt 28:19-20). Our outreach team will make visits to the homes of people who have visited the church. Outreach members will bring information about the church and a baked treat.

  • Inreach team: We all go through difficult times. Our inreach team members will visit in the homes of people we have not seen in a while in order to fellowship and pray. This team will also make hospital visits.

  • Homebound Team: Some of our members at FBC cannot physically attend church. Some of our folks who find themselves at home are in this situation temporarily–maybe because of a life change or injury. Others may find that they are homebound on a permanent basis. Our homebound team will visit to bring encouragement and fellowship.

  • Card team: Everybody loves to get mail (as long it’s not a bill). Our card team will send a card in the mail to people that may be sick or in need of a special touch. This little note of encouragement could really make a difference in a person’s life.

  • Cookie team: We love treats! Our cookie team are folks who will bake cookies (or other treats) and deliver them to the church. These special treats will then be packaged and given to our outreach team.

If you are interested in serving on one of the teams, please let us know. There is a signup sheet in the foyer of the church or you can email the church at


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