As a Christian, do you know what you believe and more importantly, why?

You’re invited to join us for an 11-week course we call Foundations. In this course, we’ll examine eleven foundational truths of the Christian faith.
This is a small group, lecture-driven series taught by our pastor, Wayne Geiger. The class also allows discussion and question and answer. We will provide free materials for you to take home. You can attend just one class, several classes, or the entire series.


Foundations, beginning Sunday night, September 10 at 5 PM in room 11.



Week Title Date
1 “Salvation and Sanctification” Sept 10
2 “The Trinity” Sept 17
3 “The Bible” Sept 24
4 “Baptism” Oct 1
5 “Lord’s Supper” Oct 8
6 “The Holy Spirit” Oct 15
7 “Once Saved Always Saved” Oct 22
8 “Biblical Stewardship” Oct 29
9 “Role of the Pastor” Nov 5
10 “Role of the Deacon” Nov 12
11 “First Baptist Church Grain Valley: A Part of the Body of Christ and a Member of the SBC” Nov 26






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