GVF Tornado Response

What a week!

All of us were affected by the tornado in one way or another. Most of us nervously watched the news reports on that stormy night. Sadly, some of us knew families that suffered the effects of the tornado. As a church, we were all able to come alongside and offer aid.

As a denomination, we responded. I am a member of the Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief Team. Our DR team sent chainsaw crews to help out. I was on a team that provided food for the volunteers. I was impressed as I interacted with men and women who drove in from several hours away to come in and help. In the future, I am hoping that we will have several members who are trained to respond. We will be talking about this in the near future. That’s the power of all of us working together.

As a church, GVF also partnered with the Grain Valley Assistance Council to collect necessary items for the tornado victims. The information was placed on Facebook and other social media sites. Working with various agencies, we set up a trailer in our parking lot and folks from all over the community showed up to bring supplies. The response of our community was amazing. A big thank you to the GVAC team for their quick and calculated response.


Finally, we had several teams go out and help a family in Oak Grove. This family was home when the tornado hit. Amazingly, they were unharmed, but their home was completely destroyed. Those who attended were overwhelmed by the devastation. Our team helped by picking up scattered pictures and memorabilia scattered over a ten acre lot. They also helped look through the debris for other items of value that could be salvaged–mainly family heirlooms. Although most of their items were destroyed, several pieces were able to be recovered. Finally, our crew helped move trees and other debris. The family members were deeply appreciative of our efforts and our prayer is that God gets all the glory. We are making plans to continue to offer aid.

As your pastor, I want to say thank you for your prayers and aid during this difficult time for our neighbors in Oak Grove. Responding in a time of crisis is always difficult, but I believe we responded quickly and appropriately. Financial contributions can still be made through GVAC. Also, as opportunities arise, we will put them on our church Facebook page.


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