Our Sanctuary Upgrade

As your pastor, let me say how excited I am about the future of GVF. On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, we decided as a family to renovate our sanctuary and upstairs hall and classrooms/offices. Our family vote was unanimous. I realize that not everyone is excited about some of the changes. We all have different tastes and likes, but I believe that, as a family, we came together to unite our hearts to reach our neighborhood with the gospel and prepare a facility that will help people feel safe, comfortable, and welcome.


Here’s the big picture:


► Removing the two rooms on the north side of the sanctuary and extending the stage area. This will give us more room for our choir, children’s ministry performances, and give us additional seating space to add two rows of seating in the front.

► Redo the flooring. The stage will likely not be carpeted. This will help with the look of the stage and help with the sound. The sanctuary will be carpeted.

► The walls of the sanctuary will be drywalled and painted. The ceiling will remain as is

► The sound area will be moved onto a platform in the back of the church (basically where it is—but back against the wall.

► The upstairs offices, classrooms, and hallways will have drywall placed over the popcorn ceiling and will be painted. Additional lights will be installed.


Additional thoughts and questions:

► We have been told that the work can be done in 4 weeks. We are prepared to meet in the sanctuary, but we realize that things may have the “under construction” look for a little while. Chances are, the work will not be finished by Easter. However, we feel that this could be a good thing as new friends who will visit will see some changes and progress.

► I have asked our Properties Committee to gather a team of members who will talk about the type of flooring on the stage, the type of carpet and color, and the color of the walls. Very likely, we will look at neutral colors. We also want to focus on quality and commercial grade.


On the horizon (we did not vote on any of this—but we realize these issues need to be addressed)

► We will reevaluate the sound in the sanctuary after the work has been done

► We will reevaluate the lighting in the sanctuary. We are hoping that lighter walls will help. We don’t want to make any changes until the work is done.

► We will consider redoing the seating in the sanctuary. Our pews are worn, the padding is gone, and some of the cloth is torn. We also need to address the issue of creating additional handicap seating.


I am very proud of our teams that worked so hard to make this happen. Specifically, the Properties and Budget Committees. Committees and teams are a microcosm of the larger body and help us get the planning and work done. I am also happy that God has provided us with the resources to get the work done. We don’t have to beg or borrow. We have the funds to make this happen! In closing, thanks again for your partnership in the gospel ministry at GVF. May we with one heart and one mind, strive together for the furtherance of the gospel!

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