Quarterly Business Meeting: Great Idea/Bad Timing

Quarterly Business Meetings—Good Idea/Bad Timing

As your pastor, my goal has always been to be as honest and transparent as possible. Recently, as a church, we decided to appoint a special committee to study whether we should move our business meetings from Wednesday night and also the possibly of transitioning to a quarterly business meeting. The main reason was that many of our leaders (including Rich, our Director of Student Ministries), could not attend because we have our youth group meeting and AWANA on Wednesdays.

The special committee met and discussed the issue. The committee was unanimous in their decision to change the day of the meeting from Wednesday to Sunday and also change it from a monthly meeting to a quarterly meeting. They presented their rationale and recommendation to the church in the February business meeting. Changing the meeting would require us to change the Church Constitution which says we need to meet monthly. That special business meeting is this Wednesday, March 6.

I was in full support of the committee’s recommendation. In the last month, however, I have had several conversations with various church members about the issue. What I have found is fear and confusion. We have seen God’s hand of blessing upon us and in the last several votes we have taken as a church, we have been unanimous (or at least there has been no vocal opposition). I do not sense that here with this issue and do not want to create any additional stress.

Having a business meeting is an important part of who we are and what we do. Honestly, the only issues I ever have with business meeting is that it takes time away from Bible study and it uses more for announcements than for business. We should never put business above Bible. I do believe that a quarterly business meeting is a good idea. But, considering the fear and confusion, I do not believe it is a good idea for us at this time. I just wanted you to know my heart and my thoughts on the issue and my rationale.

I think that, perhaps, the best compromise for us would be to move the meeting from Wednesday night to Sunday night, but keep it monthly for now. The reports could be shortened and printed to ensure that we have time for Bible study. The idea is not perfect. We do have small group Bible studies that meet on Sunday night and we have children’s choir which means those leaders would not be able to attend. However, compared to Wednesday, the numbers are far smaller.

Where does that leave us for Wednesday’s special called business meeting?

► I would recommend that we still go with the special committee’s recommendation to take the narrowing language out of the Constitution. The motion is to remove the language that says we are required to meet monthly and replace it with “the frequency, day of the week, and time of our business meetings can be set by a majority vote of the church at any specially called or regular business meeting. Basically, this allows us more freedom.

► During the regular business meeting on March 6, I would also recommend that we change the day of the meeting from the second Wednesday to the second Sunday night of every month.

I appreciate the  hard work that was done by the special committee and I do agree with their recommendations. However, changing to a quarterly business meeting is a great idea for us, but just not now.

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